Disney to Scale Back 50th Anniversary Plans


Still in the midst of a global pandemic and with a world that doesn’t look like it will be back to normal anytime soon, Disney will be scaling back their plans for the 50th anniversary celebrations.

Instead of launching the 50th anniversary in early 2021, Disney now looks to be pushing their launch plans back to October 1st, the actual anniversary date. The celebration would then last the typical 15 months that Disney uses for an anniversary, meaning it wouldn’t end until late 2022.

Earlier this month, permits were filed for ‘Project Nugget’ which is presumed to be the codename for the 50th anniversary plans consisting of construction & infrastructure projects – interestingly, the name would seemingly indicate that we can expect the celebrations to be golden for their golden anniversary.

Project Nugget joins a string of other recent project codenames including ‘Project Gamma’ (EPCOT), ‘Project Kappa’ (Harmonious Nighttime Spectacular) and ‘Project Marceline’ (Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway).

Disney seems to be hedging their bets that by the end of 2021, people will be interested in traveling once again but will be experiencing a much more scaled back 50th anniversary.

It remains to be seen what the celebrations will entail and with the status of many of the new rides, attractions & refurbishments up in the air – we’ll find out in 14 months time what Disney will have in store.

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